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Cody Clemmons

Assistant Director

Many years ago in a small park south of Kansas City Cody Clemmons sat on an old wooden bench staring into a fountain. After hours of contemplation, an elderly man wearing a beaten ball cap emblazoned with the words "Will Film for Food" sat down next to him. The aging, frail man opened his mouth as if about to dispense sage wisdom – but then slammed his mouth shut and abruptly departed. Taking this as a sign, Cody began making films. Years have passed and yet, this encounter continues to haunt Cody.  If you or anyone you know may have answers, please contact him.

Brad McClure

Editor / D.I.T.






Colin O'Brien

Director of Photography

There are two great passions in Colin O'Brien's life: Super Smash Bros. and the collected masterworks of visionary American painter Bob Ross. Colin's admiration for Bob Ross was so prodigious that he gradually metamorphized into a Bob Ross-type figure over the production of The Computer Lab: Season One. With his newfound (and gloriously luxuriant) hair, Colin felt like he could take on any challenge – whether it be defeating Ganon the Demon King or teaching the crew how to paint "happy little trees" because as Colin often opined, "There's nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” 


Mark von Schlemmer

Co-creator /

Executive Producer /


Serving as the director of two episodes as well as the showrunner and co-creator, regional Emmy-Award-winning producer/director/editor Mark von Schlemmer was excited to work with such talented students, staff, and faculty involved in this production – despite the shrinking size of the screen on which his work will likely be exhibited.  Mark can often be found in The Computer Lab, working late into the night, muttering:


 "It's more about the size of the brains perceiving the moving images than the size of the frame." 


Zach Nowlin

Director of Photography

Never has the phrase "a man for all seasons" more aptly described someone than Zach Nowlin. In the Fall, Zach enjoys tooling around in his Kia Sorento, with the windows down, while wearing a cozy sweater. In the winter, you can find him making snow art – the trunk of his Kia Sorento loaded with his artist's tools (shovels, hand saws, wooden spoons, machetes, etc). Zach takes his Kia Sorento to the lake in the summer, where he walks barefooted through the sand, and in the Spring, he drives his Kia Sorento into the country to pick wildflowers and dance like no one is watching. 


He has appeared on the cover of Kia Connoisseur magazine – twice.

Chris Moore

Director /

Producer / Screenwriter

When asked to submit his bio, Chris Moore requested we note that he took second place in a tri-county area for his Broadsword collection (6” hilt and above) in 2014. Outside of collecting, he enjoys stories in any format. From the poetry of Leonard Nimoy to the works of actor Michael Dudikoff, Chris’ tastes cover a self-described “wide, open range of art.” When asked to name his favorite song he said he hasn’t heard many, however, he does have a favorite friend and a favorite family member.


Joshua RYan Foy


Joshua Foy is a film composer, who has written scores for the award-winning films The Newest Pledge and (Romance) in the Digital Age. Joshua received his Bachelors of Music from Chapman University in Music Composition and his Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in their Performer/ Composer program. In addition, he has had the privilege of teaching at the California Institute of the Arts, Duke University, and the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts. Joshua co-composed and served as the music director for the theater production Piedra del Sol by director and playwright Maria Morett at the Getty Villa in 2009. In 2010, Joshua music directed the original musical In Bermuda! by playwright David Largman Murray and composer Bobby Halvorson, which featured such actors as Bryce Dallas Howard and Josh Gad.

Adriana Vivas

Graphic Designer

When Adriana is not at Starbucks ordering a cold brew with half-and-half, two shots of sugar-free vanilla and cinnamon powder, you can find her on a couch..or maybe in a chair...behind a computer screen making art happen digitally. On a computer.


But what are computers, really?

What was life before computers?

Why can't there just be world peace? Why does pizza have to be so good but so bad for you at the same time?


These thoughts lead her to sip again on her cold brew with half and half, two shots of sugar-free vanilla and cinnamon powder, and continue designing.


Still questioning, but always designing.

Michael Graves

    Co-Creator /    

Executive Producer/ 


Michael Graves is a human male, hailing from Tampa, Florida, the lightning capital of the U.S. In his youth, he successfully rebranded the phrase "baker’s dozen" as an all-purpose greeting. However, he is perhaps best known as the progenitor of the remarkably popular "hangry" – a portmanteau describing the irritability accompanying moments of low blood sugar. 

E.J. Henderson

Graphic Designer

Eclectic illustrator, designer guy, man of mystery. While E.J. Henderson isn’t the loudest in the room, he allows his work to speak for him. When EJ isn’t pushing pixels around on a screen or writing  bios about himself, you can catch him in Kansas City floating around art scenes and taco shops.

Karl Barkley

Best Boy Electric

Karl Barkley is an intensely private individual. In fact, the crew learned his last name for the first time when this bio was created. Because Karl would not write a bio, the following is a full accounting of the information collectively known by the crew:

(1) In his spare time, Karl is working on a philosophical tome entitled

A New Theory of Vision.

(2) His favorite song was sung by Madonna – until he was recently informed that the song was not about an  "immaterial girl." 

(3) He enjoys getting his hair cut.

DonaVAn McGoldrick


Due to his reclusive nature, not much is known about Donavan McGoldrick. However, we do know two things: he is an avid collector of novelty coffee mugs and he refuses to wear turtleneck sweaters for personal reasons

Klint Braun

Sound Designer /

Boom Operator

An  avid lover of life and music, Klint Braun actively manages audio and visual technologies at the University of Central Missouri and stays active in the live sound scene in Kansas City.




Alexander Hutchinson is two degrees of Kevin Bacon. Nothing else matters.

Eric Newsom

Story Consultant


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